Medal of Covadonga, Medallion of the Centenary of Covadonga


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Commemorative medallion of the Centenary of Covadonga, in numered edition.

Recreation of the cave in aged sterling silver, with texture and volume, housing the image of the Virgin of Covadonga in gold. The falling gems resembling the waterfall behind the cave, are faceted natural aquamarines.

this piece can be purchased with the image of Covadonga in 18k. gold or in silver covered by gold. You can also add diamonds on the foot of the image.

The piece that is sold online ( the one in the mail image) is all in silver with the Virgin covered by gold and natural aquamarines.

For medallion with the Virgin in 18k. gold or with diamonds: CONSULTAR PRECIOS

Medallion size: 45 x 40mm.(1.77 x 1.57 “)


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