Medal in gold, Covadonga with diamonds


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This is our  medal of Covadonga in gold with diamonds, protector and symbol of Asturias and of all Asturians, by birth and by heart.

If you are looking for the perfect combination of tradition, devotion and sophistication, you have come to the right place!

Imagine taking with you a little piece of Spanish history, a symbol that represents faith and courage in the same shield.

On the obverse of this solid gold medal, the Virgin of Covadonga smiles at you with grace and maternal love, enveloping you in her mantle of protection. The inscription “Our Lady of Covadonga” is like a whisper of faith that accompanies you at every step.

But that’s not all, get ready to be dazzled on the reverse side! The Victoria Cross, an emblem of triumph and hope, stands proudly. The legend “Hoc signo vincitur inimicus” reminds you that with this sign, any adversity can be overcome. An invitation to face challenges with courage!

And, of course, the crown that adorns the medal is adorned with brilliant-cut diamonds. Those flashes of light, which give a touch of majesty and glamor to the piece. Each diamond is like a star that illuminates your path, reminding you that you are a protagonist of your own story.

The Covadonga Medal with diamonds is the jewel that transcends time, a fusion between tradition and contemporary elegance. Whether as a gift for someone special or as a self-gift, this medal carries with it the emotion of centuries and the brilliance of diamonds that dance with the light.

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