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PERENNIAL KNOT, symbol of eternal love

With the Mother’s Day coming and the engagement season beginning, we are looking for a gift that transmits and stregthens that bond of eternal love, so difficult to describe with only words. Therefore I would love to introduce you the meaning of this precious symbol, with Celtic origins, very present too in the ancestral Astur culture. The perennial knot or knot of love is represented in gold in my Talisman collection.

You can find it made just in gold or combined with semiprecious stones of beautiful colors.

And in its more sophisticated version, combined with diamonds that further reinforce that meaning of eternity. A reaffirmation of this bond of eternal love, beyond time and space, impossible to break.

Earrings in gold with diamonds and perennial knot

As each piece of this collection, is packaged accompanied by a diptych explaining the meaning of this piece of jewelry, so that whoever receive it can understand everything you wish to convey with this exquisite gift.

A great choice both to seal an engagement of couple as the bond of love between mother and child and even as a symbol of eternal friendship.

You can see all the collection here:

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The engagement ring seals the beginning of a new and wonderful stage in the life of the couple. It symbolizes a promise of eternal love, which will keep firm throw the time, to build a whole Life together.

So, the day when the groom gives the ring to his fiancee becomes a moment of great emotion, which should be done in the intimacy, leaving the public declaration for the wedding ceremony.

Often, the couple together comes to the jewelry store to facilitate the choice. Other times, the groom comes with his mother or with a friend as counselor, but recently I can see more and more men coming alone to choose the ring that translates their feelings, chowing a great courage giving so important step full of illusion. Nerves and doubts are common so, in Mónica Aparicio we are happy to help them to get a successfull choice, according with the place and time choosen to the proposal. They make us vibrate of emotion telling us how they are going to do the declaration, worthy of the best script!. “Bravo” for them!

Here are some little tips for helping with the choice:

Traditionally, the diamond is used as symbol of strength and eternity, for being the hardest material in the world. It must be made in noble metals such as gold or platinum, to ensure its durability over time. The design has to go in consonance with the personalñity, tastes and way of life of the bride, without forgetting the aesthetic of her hand.

A ring with a single diamond set in claws or bezel, is ideal for the most minimalist brides or those looking for the simplicity:

If her fingers are not long, the best option is the diamonds band, either in raws or in lane or combination.

For the most romantics, vintage style diamond rings are a sure hit:

The last trend in engagement rings is the return to the use of colored gemstones (ruby, sapphire and emerald), always accented by the eternal diamonds.

In the same way, the rings with floral motifs and with hearts have entered with force.

I invite you to discover our Engagement rings collection on the website: , and to visit us in our phisical store where you can test them or order your own custom design.

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A birthday party in your calendar and you do not know what to give? Christmas has just passed, dates in which the tradition invites to give presents to lovest ones, and you don’t have more ideas… I suggest something that never fails, personal and original: a piece of jewelrywith the birthstone, which can accompany her or him everyday with joy, meaning, beauty and, of course, the ever-present memory of who gives it.

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The brooch is one of the jewels that has more possibilities as complement to being able to wear safely in any part of our attire. Apart from its classic use on the lapel, I personally prefer to place it in a less traditional way to highlight a dress or sweater, at the waist, over the shoulder and, of course, accented other accesories or on the hair.