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On September 8 th we celebrate the day of Asturias (the day of Nuestra Señora de Covadonga). This year we celebrate as well the 1.300 anniversary of the battle that changed the course of the history of Spain and probably the rest of Europe: in it, a handful of great Asturian warriors, led by Don Pelayo, defeated the sarracens from the mountain that houses the cave where the Virgin appeared to those warriors to give them the strength to protect and defend this land and its noble inhabitants. This was the beginning of the Reconquest of Spain as a nation.

For this reason, many of you are interested in the special Covadonga medaillon with aquamarines that presides over our showcase and ask for more information. Today, I’ll bring it all again:

The medallion was created in 2018 to conmemorate a para triple centenary: that of the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Covadonga, The hundred years of creation of the Covadonga mountain National Park and the 1.300 th birth of the Asturias kingdom.

I wanted to design a jewel full of symbolism, with tha cave made of ancient sterling silver, representing the rock, the water that flows behind the cave is represented by five strips of faceted natural aquamarines and the Virgin of Covadonga in gold standing out with her Ligth inside the cave.

It is a numbered edition and the piece number 1 was donated to the Royal Site of Covadonga, as an offer to the Santina (as the Asturians called lovely to the Virgin of Covadonga).

The year after, as request of mumys and grammys, I created the medal in a smaller size to the girls who make the First Holy Communion. In this case it is not numbered but it can be engraved on the back with name and date and it is made with the Image in 18 karats yellow gold or in sterling silver.

Both medals can be personalized, same with an engraving and with different stones in the cascade or set on the image, like the one I show at the bottom photo that I personalized for the Golden wedding gift that my daddy gave to my mum, also in 2018: in this medal, we added three diamonds at Santina’s feet, symbolizing their three children.

Both, the Centenary medallion and the medal, have already become an icon in our land and cn be purchased in our physical store and in our online store.

Medallion of the Centenary of Covadonga:

Medal of Covadonga:

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With the arrrival of the summer, the sleeves shorten or disappear and the necklines lengthen, being the ideal moment to show our jewels with generosity on the skin. It is the time for big and light jewels, that you could not wear at another time of the year, but now they shine in all their splendor.,

The high temperatures and the joy of the sunlight invite to wear also jewelry of fresh and cheerful colors that enhace our looks and stand out on the tanned skin.

It is the perfect season to wear jewels that evoke the long beaches of white sand, the marine depth and the exotic landscapes..

Finally, if something I love when I visit new places during the summer holidays is to be able to buy some handmade pieces from there, that make me remember them when I am at home. I encourage you to do the same and buy handmade pieces or some pretty gems that your jewelry maker then turns into a beautiful jewel.

Here I show you some of the jewels designed by me, for those who come to visit our Asturian little land to go with a beautiful souvenir and for whom that travel from Asturias to other places whishing to give a special and exclusive gift.

In this line you have any of the jewels of my Lattice colection, inspired by the Asturian Pre-Romanesque art, unique in the world:

So as any of the jewels of my Talisman collection, inspired in the ancient Astur-Celtic culture.

Our Santina of Covadonga, as medallion, medal or bracelet:

Or the legendaries Victory cross (cross of Asturias) and Angels cross (cross of Oviedo city):

I encourage you to wear your most striking jewelry this season and to get some original, as a souvenir of the places you visit during your holidays.

Happy summer!!

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The earrings of the bride are the star piece that will lighten her face, highlighting the strength and personality. Keep in mind that they will appear in all the pictures, specially in the close-ups, so that their choice will fit in unique and decisive moment.

To get it right it is important to find the perfect balance between dress, hairstyle and other accessories.

In this blog, I give you some guidelines for choosing them with success. For this, you should have in mind five basic things:

1.- The face shape:

  • If it is round, the enlongated earrings will stylize he shape.
  • If it is square, the rounded shape earrings will go fine:
  • If it is enlongated, the best option are short earrings or long earrings with lot of volume:
  • If it is oval, can afford any style because it is the perfect shape but, we must have in mind the length of the neck: If it is not long, the choice should be short or semi-long earrings, never very long.

2.- The neckline of the dress:

  • For a straples neckline or a V neckline dress, the long earrings with volume will look fabulous, accented the gown..
  • For a turtleneck or a long neckline, it is better to choose short or semi-long earrings::

3.- The hairstyle:

  • If the bride wears updo hair, same long or short earrings will look perfect:
  • If she wears long hair down, the earrings should be long and with volume:

4.- The rest of the jewels:

If the bride wears another important jewels like a tiara or a chocker, I recomend discret earrings for avoiding to recharge the look:

5.- And, of course, the style and personality of the bride:

  • For a classic bride, the combination of pearls and diamonds is ever a success:
  • For the most romantics, the vintage style will be perfect:
  • And for the most bohemians, earrings with geometric shapes and, why not, with a touch of color:

I hope that this guide will help you to choose the earrings to your Big Day.

Todos los modelos que aparecen en estas fotos podeis adquirirlos en nuestra joyería, tanto en la tienda física como a través de nuestra web.

The earrings that appear in these photos can be purchased at our jewelry store or throw or website.

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PERENNIAL KNOT, symbol of eternal love

With the Mother’s Day coming and the engagement season beginning, we are looking for a gift that transmits and stregthens that bond of eternal love, so difficult to describe with only words. Therefore I would love to introduce you the meaning of this precious symbol, with Celtic origins, very present too in the ancestral Astur culture. The perennial knot or knot of love is represented in gold in my Talisman collection.

You can find it made just in gold or combined with semiprecious stones of beautiful colors.

And in its more sophisticated version, combined with diamonds that further reinforce that meaning of eternity. A reaffirmation of this bond of eternal love, beyond time and space, impossible to break.

Earrings in gold with diamonds and perennial knot

As each piece of this collection, is packaged accompanied by a diptych explaining the meaning of this piece of jewelry, so that whoever receive it can understand everything you wish to convey with this exquisite gift.

A great choice both to seal an engagement of couple as the bond of love between mother and child and even as a symbol of eternal friendship.

You can see all the collection here:

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The engagement ring seals the beginning of a new and wonderful stage in the life of the couple. It symbolizes a promise of eternal love, which will keep firm throw the time, to build a whole Life together.

So, the day when the groom gives the ring to his fiancee becomes a moment of great emotion, which should be done in the intimacy, leaving the public declaration for the wedding ceremony.

Often, the couple together comes to the jewelry store to facilitate the choice. Other times, the groom comes with his mother or with a friend as counselor, but recently I can see more and more men coming alone to choose the ring that translates their feelings, chowing a great courage giving so important step full of illusion. Nerves and doubts are common so, in Mónica Aparicio we are happy to help them to get a successfull choice, according with the place and time choosen to the proposal. They make us vibrate of emotion telling us how they are going to do the declaration, worthy of the best script!. “Bravo” for them!

Here are some little tips for helping with the choice:

Traditionally, the diamond is used as symbol of strength and eternity, for being the hardest material in the world. It must be made in noble metals such as gold or platinum, to ensure its durability over time. The design has to go in consonance with the personalñity, tastes and way of life of the bride, without forgetting the aesthetic of her hand.

A ring with a single diamond set in claws or bezel, is ideal for the most minimalist brides or those looking for the simplicity:

If her fingers are not long, the best option is the diamonds band, either in raws or in lane or combination.

For the most romantics, vintage style diamond rings are a sure hit:

The last trend in engagement rings is the return to the use of colored gemstones (ruby, sapphire and emerald), always accented by the eternal diamonds.

In the same way, the rings with floral motifs and with hearts have entered with force.

I invite you to discover our Engagement rings collection on the website: , and to visit us in our phisical store where you can test them or order your own custom design.

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A birthday party in your calendar and you do not know what to give? Christmas has just passed, dates in which the tradition invites to give presents to lovest ones, and you don’t have more ideas… I suggest something that never fails, personal and original: a piece of jewelrywith the birthstone, which can accompany her or him everyday with joy, meaning, beauty and, of course, the ever-present memory of who gives it.

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The brooch is one of the jewels that has more possibilities as complement to being able to wear safely in any part of our attire. Apart from its classic use on the lapel, I personally prefer to place it in a less traditional way to highlight a dress or sweater, at the waist, over the shoulder and, of course, accented other accesories or on the hair.