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Pendiente de oro largo, con perlas ncultivadas blancas, formando una lágrima, que une con perla cultivada superior, mediante un topacio azul, montado en chatón, para darle el toque azul.

The set of jewels of the bride, in such special day, should go more coordinated than ever: It will appear eternally in all the pictures. So the most important pieces are, specially, those that appear in the first planes such as earrings, chokers and tiaras.

I consider that the essential jewels this day are the earrings, as I pointed in a previous blog “The bride’s earrings”, which I invite you to visit here:

Since they are the pieces that can not avoid any sight or camera, it is important that they go perfect with the dress and hau¡irstyle and the shape of the face and personality of the bride.

In this way, I advise to choose first the earrings and then the rest of the jewels, that should be in accordance with them:

So, if the earrings are in white gold, the rest of jewels must be also in white gold or in bicolor. The only exception would be the wedding band and the engagement ring, due to its special meaning (you can read “The engagement ring” blog here:

If the earrings are in rose or yellow gold, the pendant or choker, and the bracelet should be in the same gold color and style.

If the earrings are large, a discreet pendant should be chosen or even dispensed it but a bracelet could be the second piece of jewelry in this case.

If the neckline of the dress allows to wear a good choker, then the ideal ones are discreet earrings.

The same happens if the bride choose to wear tiara oro other jewel on the hear. Then, the pendant oro choker should be avoid, although she can wear important earrings.

And the last trend, which I find charming and super funny, is that the couple’s jewelry (the groom’s and the bride’s) combine with each other or have the same theme. Below I show you an example of a couple that chose the jewels of our pre-Romanesque lattice collection: she wore the earrings and he the cufflinks.

What do you think of this new trend?

And finally, I would like to tell you that one of the most endearing facets of my work as a bridal jewelry designer is to recover an old family jewel, to give it a more actual touch, so that it can be proudly worn on that important day and many others.

An example, which you will have probably seen on the web, is the transformation of the brooch that you see below, and its matching ring: A bride brought them to me with the idea of being able to wear a jewell from her grandmother that day, to also keep her in mind. With the outfit I design some earrings for her, that are still a total succes every time she wears them.An example, which you will have already seen on the web, is the transformation of the brooch that you see below, and its matching ring: A girlfriend brought me, with the illusion of being able to wear a jewel from her grandmother that day, to also keep her in mind . With the outfit I designed some earrings for her that are still a total success every time she wears them.

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