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Las joyas del Reino de Asturias: Cruz de la Victoria, cruz de los Ángeles y caja de las ágatas

The jewels of the Kingdom of Asturias are treasures of this land, between the sea and the mountains, which every September is flooded with festivities to celebrate its history, its culture and its traditions.

An aspect of this history that deserves special attention are the jewels that have endured throughout the centuries, as silent witnesses of the greatness of Asturias.

The jewels of the Kingdom of Asturias are pieces that embody the very essence of this land, since the 8th century. Each of them tells a unique and valuable story, which is intertwined with the history of this ancient kingdom and its inhabitants.

Among all the treasures of that time, there are three jewels that stand out singularly: the Cross of the Victory, the Cross of the Angels and the box of agates, that are kept in the Holy Chamber of the Cathedral of Oviedo, built for this purpose. by the Asturian king Alfonso II the Chaste.

The oldest of these jewels is the Cross of the Angels, so called because its unparalleled beauty gave rise to a legend, collected in the work of Bishop Lucas de Tuy, which says that “King Alfonso II the Chaste desired to donate a cross of gold and precious stones to the church of San Salvador in Oviedo, he entrusted his invoice to two pilgrim goldsmiths who passed through the city, to whom he gave the gold and precious stones to work it, as well as a house as a workshop. The king was not very Convinced of the worth of these pilgrims, he commissioned some of his guards to go check it out and when they arrived at the workshop where they worked, they observed a glow that prevented them from seeing its interior and they ran to tell the king, who approached the house, finding it empty but with a beautiful cross of gold and precious stones that shone with great intensity”. For this reason, she is represented with two angels, one on each side of the foot.

It is a Greek-style cross, with four almost identical arms, in each of which there is a small box with a sliding lid to house relics.

The obverse of the cross is decorated with filigree work and different colored stones, carved in the shape of a cabochon, some of which are reused cameos from Roman times, representing the goddess Athena, another Aeneas abandoning Troy, another a young Roman peasant girl and another a goat’s head with a snake’s body. The stone of the central disc is a cabochon-cut garnet.

The reverse of the cross has a Roman agate cameo in its central disk, surrounded by pearls and rhinestones, and at each end of the arms there is a gem, surrounded by small stones.

Likewise, on the arms you can read an inscription in gold letters that says: “Let this remain in the honor of God, done with complacency. Alfonso, humble servant of God, offers it. Anyone who presumes to take me away from where my good will dedicated it, perished spontaneously with the divine lightning. This work was completed in the era 846 (year 808). With this sign the pious is protected. With this sign the enemy is defeated.”

The Victory Cross is also a reliquary cross but in a Latin style, in whose central disc there is a compartment in which ancient writings affirm that a fragment of the Lignum Crucis was kept. Legend has it that his soul is none other than the oak cross that Pelayo, first king of Asturias and therefore of Spain, raised in the battle of Covadonga against Islam, in 718. King Alfonso III the Great, ordered it to be covered of gold, enamels and precious stones, to donate it to the nascent cathedral of Oviedo, in 908.

This is a large piece, measuring 92 cm. high by 72 cm. wide, with the diameter of its central disc being 14 cm. To cover it, more than 5 kilos of gold were used, as well as precious enamels and gems of different sizes and colors.

On the back there are cabochon-shaped stones set and the nails that fix the gold sheet to the wooden cross are covered with little flowers, spheres and soldered amygdaloid shapes. Furthermore, you can read the following inscription in gold letters: “Let this remain willingly in honor of God, offered by the servants of Christ, Alfonso, prince and Jimena, queen. Whoever snatches this gift of ours, perish by the divine lightning. This work is finished and granted to San Salvador Oviedo. This sign protects the pious. This sign defeats the enemy. This cross was made in the castle of Gauzón in the 42nd year of our reign, during the era 946” (year 908).

Finally, the Box of Agates, donated to the cathedral of Oviedo by the Infante Fruela and his mother, Queen Jimena, wife of King Alfonso III the Great, in the year 910.

It is a cherry wood box, covered with gold sheets embossed with floral motifs, except for the base, which is made of solid silver. These gold sheets have striped agates, which are what give them their name. The sides of the box are divided into two levels whose decoration combines different gems with embossed borders.

The plaque placed horizontally on the lid is older than the rest, suggesting the possibility that it may have been a Frankish belt from the 8th century or a Carolingian-style reliquary brooch made between the 8th and 9th centuries. This plate was adorned with 655 garnets, 4 pearls, 12 enamels and 13 cabochons, some of which have been lost over time. The polychrome enamels that can be seen represent dragons, trees, birds, fish, quadrupeds and reptiles.

On the silver base of the ark, the Tetramorphs, the four symbols of the evangelists, appear engraved surrounding the Victory Cross and the following inscription can be read: “May this remain pleasingly done in honor of God, offered by the servants of Christ Fruela and Nunilo by nickname Jimena. This work was carried out and granted to San Salvador Oviedo, whoever tried to take away this gift of ours would perish by the divine lightning. It was manufactured in Era 948 (year 910).

Both the cross of Los Angeles, symbol of the city of Oviedo, and the cross of La Victoria, are jewels that continue to be reproduced today by jewelers in the region. Also in our jewelry we make the interpretation of these wonderful Jewels from the Kingdom of Asturias. I share some here, hoping you like them.

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Sortija oro Triskel, con rodolita y perla

The Triskelion is a Celtic jewel of deep meaning, and the most iconic Celtic jewel of my Talisman collection, for being perhaps, the best known and more popular Astur-Celtic symbol. But, do you really know what it represents?

The triskelion is made up of three united spirals, which represent evolution, growth and balance between body, mind and soul. For the Celts, it had a sacred meaning and could only be used for the Druids, for whom it symbolized perpetual learning and the trinity, past, present and future.

We find this iconic Astur-Celtic symbol in representations of Celtic art and magic, an ancient and rich culture, more than 3.000 years old, that Asturians share with other communities in northern Spain, as well as with other countries of Europe.

The first spiral of the triskelion simbolizes the body and the earth, representing the strength and stability, the conexion with te nature and our ability to root ourselves and find balance. In my jewelry designs I use gold as precious metal, as its warmth and strength perfectly reflects the earthy qualities of the triskelion. I also incorporate natural gemstones such as rose quartz, garnets, tourmalines or the black jet , which accentuate the connection with the earth and bring calm and protective energy to the piece.

The second spiral of the triskelion is associated with the mind and the sea, it is a symbol of fluidity and transformation. The sea teaches us to adapt to constant changes in life, and to flow with the tides. In my designs I ad touches of blue topaz, aquamarines, blue chalcedony and the beautiful pearls, which evoke the beauty and serenity of the ocean. These gemstones combine with the delicate curves of the triskelion, create a sense of movement and evoke the aquatic energy in all of us.

The third spiral of the triskelion, represents heaven, the domain of the spiritual and trascendent. It simbolizes wisdom, intuition and the power of the mind. In my creations I use precious gemstones as sapphire, in its variety of colors, or moonstone, which are associated with spiritual connection and mental clarity. These gems, alpng with the gold of triskelion, capture the essence of heaven and add a touch of mistery and magic to my designs.

The deep meanig of the triskelion as a Celic jewel, has led me to capture it in a diptychwhich I deliver with each piece in this collection. In this way, whoever receives it as a gift, can value this present even more.

I invite you to discover the entire collection at this link: and to inmerse yourself in the ancient Celtic culture and its magical symbolism.

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Pendiente de oro largo, con perlas ncultivadas blancas, formando una lágrima, que une con perla cultivada superior, mediante un topacio azul, montado en chatón, para darle el toque azul.

The set of jewels of the bride, in such special day, should go more coordinated than ever: It will appear eternally in all the pictures. So the most important pieces are, specially, those that appear in the first planes such as earrings, chokers and tiaras.

I consider that the essential jewels this day are the earrings, as I pointed in a previous blog “The bride’s earrings”, which I invite you to visit here:

Since they are the pieces that can not avoid any sight or camera, it is important that they go perfect with the dress and hau¡irstyle and the shape of the face and personality of the bride.

In this way, I advise to choose first the earrings and then the rest of the jewels, that should be in accordance with them:

So, if the earrings are in white gold, the rest of jewels must be also in white gold or in bicolor. The only exception would be the wedding band and the engagement ring, due to its special meaning (you can read “The engagement ring” blog here:

If the earrings are in rose or yellow gold, the pendant or choker, and the bracelet should be in the same gold color and style.

If the earrings are large, a discreet pendant should be chosen or even dispensed it but a bracelet could be the second piece of jewelry in this case.

If the neckline of the dress allows to wear a good choker, then the ideal ones are discreet earrings.

The same happens if the bride choose to wear tiara oro other jewel on the hear. Then, the pendant oro choker should be avoid, although she can wear important earrings.

And the last trend, which I find charming and super funny, is that the couple’s jewelry (the groom’s and the bride’s) combine with each other or have the same theme. Below I show you an example of a couple that chose the jewels of our pre-Romanesque lattice collection: she wore the earrings and he the cufflinks.

What do you think of this new trend?

And finally, I would like to tell you that one of the most endearing facets of my work as a bridal jewelry designer is to recover an old family jewel, to give it a more actual touch, so that it can be proudly worn on that important day and many others.

An example, which you will have probably seen on the web, is the transformation of the brooch that you see below, and its matching ring: A bride brought them to me with the idea of being able to wear a jewell from her grandmother that day, to also keep her in mind. With the outfit I design some earrings for her, that are still a total succes every time she wears them.An example, which you will have already seen on the web, is the transformation of the brooch that you see below, and its matching ring: A girlfriend brought me, with the illusion of being able to wear a jewel from her grandmother that day, to also keep her in mind . With the outfit I designed some earrings for her that are still a total success every time she wears them.

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The traditional riviere bracelet

I have been always fascinated by the special sparkle of the good diamonds when they are set in a riviere bracelet. As its name suggest, this particular bracelet design evokes the lights along the French riverside when the night becomes.

It is a bracelet of simple but exquisite design, in which a row of identical diamonds are set one after another, without beginning or end, to symbolize the eternity. This is the reason because, before that engagement ring trend was extended in our country, this jewel was the selected piece as a proposal gift.

At the other side of the ocean is known as “tennis bracelet”, due to an anecdote starring by tennis player Chris Evert who, during the 1987 USA Open championship, stopped mid-match because she had lost her diamonds bracelet. At the press conference that followed the event, the tennis player explained that it was essential for her since, until that moment, she never had lost sight her “tennis bracelet”. In this way, she renaming one of the most emblematic pieces of contemporary jewelry.

After the, another famous tennis players, such as Serena Willliams and Maria Sharapova, contributed to stabblish this legendary bracelet as an amulet piece with which attend to important matches. They demonstrated, wearying it, that this exquisite piece of jewelry can be used as daily basic and to attend to important events. So we can see it every day, at the work meetings or on the best carpets.

I love to combine it with color gemstonesor set them with macrame, giving it a more casual look.

Would you like to costumize yours? Contact me and we will create it together!

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The jewels are the perfect complement to succesfully enhance our styling. They bring lightness, joy, sofistication and, depending on how they are combined, can totally change the style of a same gown allowing us to use it several times with a whole change of image.

So, in the jewelry box of every woman there must exist several basic pieces that allow us to be graceful in any situation: a party or ceremony for which we do not have time for shopping the jewel that complements our look or for what may arise in the day to day as a work meeting, an unexpected dinner or a birthday party with whose invitation we did not count. For all these occasions, you can go throw your jewelry box in which there should be some of the basics I suggest here:

  • Cultured pearls earrings: we must choose the color of pearl that best goes with the tone of our skin. I reccomend the white or rose pearls for light skins and golden pearls for darker skins. The Tahitian pearls, grey color, are another safe bet. Both long or short, pearl earrings are the perfect complement to bring joy and light to our face, as well as a touch of classic elegance.

A diamond solitaire: according to its shape and size it will help lengthen and stylize our hands, this part of our body that is able to express itself without words and whose perception we should care of.

Hoop earrings in gold, smooth or with diamonds. To look them right, the shape and size should be in line with our face and hairstyle.

Stud diamonds earrings: always aided for any occasion and with which to be perfect at every moment of the day. They can be only made with diamonds or with color gemstones that goes with our look. They give us a touch of distinction and freshness and they are very comfortable.

A cocktail ring: with it, you will not need any more accesories. They dill any enhance the whole look focusing attention on your hands. Although they are characterized by their extralarge size, it is important that they not exeed the knude, so they are comfortable.

A good pearls necklace: aither short, choker style or long, in one turn or several rounds, spherical or baroque,…, the versatility of this classic makes it an essential in our jeweler.

An important bracelet: just like the cocktail ring, a good bracelet is a piece that by itself successfully completes our best look.

A beautiful little pendant in gold, ideal even for the most minimalists or those of you that don’t use to wear jewels, a little pendant with or without gemsa. will give you a touch of distinction and personality.

A vintage jewel: its style will let you to travel throw the time and provides a touch of romance and exclusivity.

A designed jewel: always have to find an avant-garde piece that breaks with classicism, focusing attention to its unique and different design.

With these basic pieces, the success of all your outfits is guaranteed. The full description of each of these jewels, with prices, can be found on the website.

I hope I have been helpful to you!

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This month I show you the 6 most iconic rings that sealed the most glamouroses unions of the 20th cenntury and became a trend, even today:

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, dukes of Windsor:

Eduward VIII gave his dear Wallis a ring with an impressive 19.77 carats emerald, which represents hope, as a symbol of protection for their marriage and engraved on it with the message “Now, we are ours”.

The contoversial wedding took place, after his abdication as king of England, in the Château de Candè in France on June 3 rd, 1937.

In 1958 the duchess returned her ring to Cartier to update it, setting it in yellow gold with diamonds.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philippe of Greece:

The ring was commissioned directly by Prince Philip who proposed marriage to the Queen Elizabeth during the summer of 1946, at Balmoral. It was made in London with diamonds from the tiara of this mother, Princess Andrea of Greece and Denmark.

As anecdote, it is said that she immediately accepted the marriage proposal, without consulting her father who insisted that she kept their engagement a secret until she turned 21 the next year. The marriage was held at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.

The ring has a 3 carat brilliant cut diamond as center stone, set in an eight claw coronet setting and also has four brilliant cut diamonds on each shoulder.

Its estimated value is over $·200.000

Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kenndy:

John F.Kennedy had in mind his future wife’s predilection for emeralds when, with the help of his father Joseph, he chose his fabulous ring of emeralds and diamonds.

The couple married on September 12, 1953 at St.Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island.

As anecdote, to say that there are three versions of the proposal: one says that it was by telephone, other that it took place in a tavern in Georgetown and the third that it was at the Boston hotel where he gave his first public speech when he was 6 years old.

The fabulous ring boats a 2.88 carats of diamonds and 2.84 carats of emeralds that are blanked by tapered baguettes. After the wedding, the ring was remounted to replace the baguettes with brilliant and marquise cut diamonds, totaling 2.12 carats.

The ring’s estimated value today is over $1.39 million.

Grace Kelly and Rainiero III de Mónaco:

Prince Rainiero III of Monaco proposed marriage to Grace Kelly, whom he met at the Cannes film festival in May 55, with a much more modest ring, which he later changed by knowing that other actresses wore much larger diamonds.

The engagement was announced in January of 1956 and they were married in April with two ceremonies: a civil ceremony in the Palace of Monaco and a Catholic mass In Monaco’s cathedral.

This marvelous ring is made with 10.47 carats emerald cut diamonds accented by 2 baguettes. It was later became her characte’s engagement ring in the film “High Society”, because she was never supposed to take it off.

It has now an estimated value over $4,3 million.

Liz Taylor y Richard Burton:

This is the glamorous ring with which Richard Burton declared his love to Liv Taylor, sailing on his yacht on the River Thames, in London.

The couple met during the set of the movie “Cleopatra” in 1963 and were married in Montreal on March 15, 1964.

The spectacular 33.19 carat diamond known as the “krupp Diamond”, was later renamed “The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”.

This ring’s estimated value is now $8.2 million.

Diana Spencer y el príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra:

On February 3, 1981, Charles proposed marriage to Diana Spencer with this iconic ring during a dinner at a Buckingham Palace.

The engagement ring has a spectacular 12.00 carats oval blue Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

This jewel was given also as engagement ring by the son of both, Prince William, to Kate Middleton in 2010. After this second wedding, the ring’s value increased and is now estimated to be worth $368.000.

This style of ring is still today, the most demandind for new marriage commtments. Any of these pieces can be replicated in our workshop, customizing it, in case someone wants to treat themselves Just as suggestion…

If you liked it and want to know more about emblematic jewels, please let me know it and I will gladly prepare another blog about it.

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On September 8 th we celebrate the day of Asturias (the day of Nuestra Señora de Covadonga). This year we celebrate as well the 1.300 anniversary of the battle that changed the course of the history of Spain and probably the rest of Europe: in it, a handful of great Asturian warriors, led by Don Pelayo, defeated the sarracens from the mountain that houses the cave where the Virgin appeared to those warriors to give them the strength to protect and defend this land and its noble inhabitants. This was the beginning of the Reconquest of Spain as a nation.

For this reason, many of you are interested in the special Covadonga medaillon with aquamarines that presides over our showcase and ask for more information. Today, I’ll bring it all again:

The medallion was created in 2018 to conmemorate a para triple centenary: that of the canonical coronation of the Virgin of Covadonga, The hundred years of creation of the Covadonga mountain National Park and the 1.300 th birth of the Asturias kingdom.

I wanted to design a jewel full of symbolism, with tha cave made of ancient sterling silver, representing the rock, the water that flows behind the cave is represented by five strips of faceted natural aquamarines and the Virgin of Covadonga in gold standing out with her Ligth inside the cave.

It is a numbered edition and the piece number 1 was donated to the Royal Site of Covadonga, as an offer to the Santina (as the Asturians called lovely to the Virgin of Covadonga).

The year after, as request of mumys and grammys, I created the medal in a smaller size to the girls who make the First Holy Communion. In this case it is not numbered but it can be engraved on the back with name and date and it is made with the Image in 18 karats yellow gold or in sterling silver.

Both medals can be personalized, same with an engraving and with different stones in the cascade or set on the image, like the one I show at the bottom photo that I personalized for the Golden wedding gift that my daddy gave to my mum, also in 2018: in this medal, we added three diamonds at Santina’s feet, symbolizing their three children.

Both, the Centenary medallion and the medal, have already become an icon in our land and cn be purchased in our physical store and in our online store.

Medallion of the Centenary of Covadonga:

Medal of Covadonga:

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With the arrrival of the summer, the sleeves shorten or disappear and the necklines lengthen, being the ideal moment to show our jewels with generosity on the skin. It is the time for big and light jewels, that you could not wear at another time of the year, but now they shine in all their splendor.,

The high temperatures and the joy of the sunlight invite to wear also jewelry of fresh and cheerful colors that enhace our looks and stand out on the tanned skin.

It is the perfect season to wear jewels that evoke the long beaches of white sand, the marine depth and the exotic landscapes..

Finally, if something I love when I visit new places during the summer holidays is to be able to buy some handmade pieces from there, that make me remember them when I am at home. I encourage you to do the same and buy handmade pieces or some pretty gems that your jewelry maker then turns into a beautiful jewel.

Here I show you some of the jewels designed by me, for those who come to visit our Asturian little land to go with a beautiful souvenir and for whom that travel from Asturias to other places whishing to give a special and exclusive gift.

In this line you have any of the jewels of my Lattice colection, inspired by the Asturian Pre-Romanesque art, unique in the world:

So as any of the jewels of my Talisman collection, inspired in the ancient Astur-Celtic culture.

Our Santina of Covadonga, as medallion, medal or bracelet:

Or the legendaries Victory cross (cross of Asturias) and Angels cross (cross of Oviedo city):

I encourage you to wear your most striking jewelry this season and to get some original, as a souvenir of the places you visit during your holidays.

Happy summer!!

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The earrings of the bride are the star piece that will lighten her face, highlighting the strength and personality. Keep in mind that they will appear in all the pictures, specially in the close-ups, so that their choice will fit in unique and decisive moment.

To get it right it is important to find the perfect balance between dress, hairstyle and other accessories.

In this blog, I give you some guidelines for choosing them with success. For this, you should have in mind five basic things:

1.- The face shape:

  • If it is round, the enlongated earrings will stylize he shape.
  • If it is square, the rounded shape earrings will go fine:
  • If it is enlongated, the best option are short earrings or long earrings with lot of volume:
  • If it is oval, can afford any style because it is the perfect shape but, we must have in mind the length of the neck: If it is not long, the choice should be short or semi-long earrings, never very long.

2.- The neckline of the dress:

  • For a straples neckline or a V neckline dress, the long earrings with volume will look fabulous, accented the gown..
  • For a turtleneck or a long neckline, it is better to choose short or semi-long earrings::

3.- The hairstyle:

  • If the bride wears updo hair, same long or short earrings will look perfect:
  • If she wears long hair down, the earrings should be long and with volume:

4.- The rest of the jewels:

If the bride wears another important jewels like a tiara or a chocker, I recomend discret earrings for avoiding to recharge the look:

5.- And, of course, the style and personality of the bride:

  • For a classic bride, the combination of pearls and diamonds is ever a success:
  • For the most romantics, the vintage style will be perfect:
  • And for the most bohemians, earrings with geometric shapes and, why not, with a touch of color:

I hope that this guide will help you to choose the earrings to your Big Day.

The earrings of bride that appear in these photos can be purchased at our jewelry store or throw or website.

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PERENNIAL KNOT, symbol of eternal love

With the Mother’s Day coming and the engagement season beginning, we are looking for a gift that transmits and stregthens that bond of eternal love, so difficult to describe with only words. Therefore I would love to introduce you the meaning of this precious symbol, with Celtic origins, very present too in the ancestral Astur culture. The perennial knot or knot of love is represented in gold in my Talisman collection.

You can find it made just in gold or combined with semiprecious stones of beautiful colors.

And in its more sophisticated version, combined with diamonds that further reinforce that meaning of eternity. A reaffirmation of this bond of eternal love, beyond time and space, impossible to break.

Earrings in gold with diamonds and perennial knot

As each piece of this collection, is packaged accompanied by a diptych explaining the meaning of this piece of jewelry, so that whoever receive it can understand everything you wish to convey with this exquisite gift.

A great choice both to seal an engagement of couple as the bond of love between mother and child and even as a symbol of eternal friendship.

You can see all the collection here: