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This month I show you the 6 most iconic rings that sealed the most glamouroses unions of the 20th cenntury and became a trend, even today:

Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson, dukes of Windsor:

Eduward VIII gave his dear Wallis a ring with an impressive 19.77 carats emerald, which represents hope, as a symbol of protection for their marriage and engraved on it with the message “Now, we are ours”.

The contoversial wedding took place, after his abdication as king of England, in the Château de Candè in France on June 3 rd, 1937.

In 1958 the duchess returned her ring to Cartier to update it, setting it in yellow gold with diamonds.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philippe of Greece:

The ring was commissioned directly by Prince Philip who proposed marriage to the Queen Elizabeth during the summer of 1946, at Balmoral. It was made in London with diamonds from the tiara of this mother, Princess Andrea of Greece and Denmark.

As anecdote, it is said that she immediately accepted the marriage proposal, without consulting her father who insisted that she kept their engagement a secret until she turned 21 the next year. The marriage was held at Westminster Abbey on November 20, 1947.

The ring has a 3 carat brilliant cut diamond as center stone, set in an eight claw coronet setting and also has four brilliant cut diamonds on each shoulder.

Its estimated value is over $·200.000

Jacqueline Bouvier and John F. Kenndy:

John F.Kennedy had in mind his future wife’s predilection for emeralds when, with the help of his father Joseph, he chose his fabulous ring of emeralds and diamonds.

The couple married on September 12, 1953 at St.Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island.

As anecdote, to say that there are three versions of the proposal: one says that it was by telephone, other that it took place in a tavern in Georgetown and the third that it was at the Boston hotel where he gave his first public speech when he was 6 years old.

The fabulous ring boats a 2.88 carats of diamonds and 2.84 carats of emeralds that are blanked by tapered baguettes. After the wedding, the ring was remounted to replace the baguettes with brilliant and marquise cut diamonds, totaling 2.12 carats.

The ring’s estimated value today is over $1.39 million.

Grace Kelly and Rainiero III de Mónaco:

Prince Rainiero III of Monaco proposed marriage to Grace Kelly, whom he met at the Cannes film festival in May 55, with a much more modest ring, which he later changed by knowing that other actresses wore much larger diamonds.

The engagement was announced in January of 1956 and they were married in April with two ceremonies: a civil ceremony in the Palace of Monaco and a Catholic mass In Monaco’s cathedral.

This marvelous ring is made with 10.47 carats emerald cut diamonds accented by 2 baguettes. It was later became her characte’s engagement ring in the film “High Society”, because she was never supposed to take it off.

It has now an estimated value over $4,3 million.

Liz Taylor y Richard Burton:

This is the glamorous ring with which Richard Burton declared his love to Liv Taylor, sailing on his yacht on the River Thames, in London.

The couple met during the set of the movie “Cleopatra” in 1963 and were married in Montreal on March 15, 1964.

The spectacular 33.19 carat diamond known as the “krupp Diamond”, was later renamed “The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond”.

This ring’s estimated value is now $8.2 million.

Diana Spencer y el príncipe Carlos de Inglaterra:

On February 3, 1981, Charles proposed marriage to Diana Spencer with this iconic ring during a dinner at a Buckingham Palace.

The engagement ring has a spectacular 12.00 carats oval blue Ceylon sapphire, surrounded by 14 small diamonds.

This jewel was given also as engagement ring by the son of both, Prince William, to Kate Middleton in 2010. After this second wedding, the ring’s value increased and is now estimated to be worth $368.000.

This style of ring is still today, the most demandind for new marriage commtments. Any of these pieces can be replicated in our workshop, customizing it, in case someone wants to treat themselves Just as suggestion…

If you liked it and want to know more about emblematic jewels, please let me know it and I will gladly prepare another blog about it.

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