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With the arrrival of the summer, the sleeves shorten or disappear and the necklines lengthen, being the ideal moment to show our jewels with generosity on the skin. It is the time for big and light jewels, that you could not wear at another time of the year, but now they shine in all their splendor.,

The high temperatures and the joy of the sunlight invite to wear also jewelry of fresh and cheerful colors that enhace our looks and stand out on the tanned skin.

It is the perfect season to wear jewels that evoke the long beaches of white sand, the marine depth and the exotic landscapes..

Finally, if something I love when I visit new places during the summer holidays is to be able to buy some handmade pieces from there, that make me remember them when I am at home. I encourage you to do the same and buy handmade pieces or some pretty gems that your jewelry maker then turns into a beautiful jewel.

Here I show you some of the jewels designed by me, for those who come to visit our Asturian little land to go with a beautiful souvenir and for whom that travel from Asturias to other places whishing to give a special and exclusive gift.

In this line you have any of the jewels of my Lattice colection, inspired by the Asturian Pre-Romanesque art, unique in the world:

So as any of the jewels of my Talisman collection, inspired in the ancient Astur-Celtic culture.

Our Santina of Covadonga, as medallion, medal or bracelet:

Or the legendaries Victory cross (cross of Asturias) and Angels cross (cross of Oviedo city):

I encourage you to wear your most striking jewelry this season and to get some original, as a souvenir of the places you visit during your holidays.

Happy summer!!

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