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Talismán joyas astur-celtas

This little place where sharing my passion for the millennial art that is the jewelry, as well as my fascination for the gemstones, for their beauty, rarity and durability.

Because the jewelry has been present in all the cultures, since prehistoric times, as personal ornament, status and power symbol, lucky and protection charms, expression of eternal love and transmition of feelings.

In this first meeting, I am delighted to introduce you my Talisman collection: inspired by the most ancient Astur-Celtic culture, full of symbolism and beauty, with which transmit wishes and sentiments. These jewels are handcrafted in 18k. gold, with carefully selected natural gemstones in different cuts and colors. Every piece comes accompanied by a diptych in which the meaning of these symbols is explained.

  • The Triskel or trisquelium: is present in different representations of the art and Celtic magic. It evokes the divine interaction between mind, body and soul. In addition, it represents the creation of the world and its manifestation. It is a highly protective symbol that brings health, love and prosperity at all levels. In the Feng Shui it neutralizes cosmic, terrestrial and human aggressions and generates peace, love and abundance.
  • The Perennial knot or knot of love, that can not be undone. This symbol was exchange by lovers as a sign of love and relationship forever. It represents the complement, support and the melt of the couple, being one of the most beautiful symbols of humanity.
  • The Padlocks: These Celtic symbols were granted by druids, or priests-magicians Celts, when someone has learnt a lesson, to being from them and do not fall in the same mistakes. They are trophies when overcome personal battles, that seals the different stages.

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